that is hilarious

I have ultimate flat tire and a truck bed load of unusable tubes. that is very funny to me. fortunately I heard the thump thump thump of the big metal object that impaled my tire before it went flat. the loud hiss was also bad sign. so I u-turned and headed back toward Lubbock with walmart tire repair in mind for a plug. then I heard the big clunk of object breaking free and knew I had to pull over. went straight to 100% flat.

hey toyota, redesign mechanism for releasing spare. I could change my tire; I just can’t release the dang spare. so thank goodness for USAA roadside assistance I have. let the experts pop that spare off. :)bummer. tire is trashed and Wally world is open, amen, but have to get two new tires and they don’t have consumer report’s recommended tires. eeek decisions. got to get tires since I still have 8 hours to go. can’t risk no spare in boonies. dang.

so much for new key this month. tires or key; tires or key?? tires wins.


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