they aren't very big but pretty they are

thought I would test a couple of freshly harvested red onions in an arugula salad today. I've grown several varieties of cherry tomatoes and the best tasting ones so far are the husky's I picked up at home depot. they are also prolific. the banana peppers are pretty good grilled and I haven't yet figure what to do with my other peppers yet. need to cause bush is full. pablano pepper bushes keep flowering yet I haven't seen even a remote beginning of a pepper. I've cross pollinated them with my fingers but don't see that as necessary as this gardening season I have attracted the usual pollinators.

it is just simple attention that allows us to truly listen to the sound of the bird, to see the deep glory of an autumn leaf, to touch the heart of another and be touched.” — Feldman and Kornfield

yes. if you or i work to exhaustion for money, identity, sense of power, even an internal chaos reduction, or work in the name of God, over extending self, working outside or beyond true self, the capacity to listen, see and touch is diminished. or if the heart and mind closes to listening and seeing because of wounds and fear, one cannot touch or be touched.

attention is possible when one does not over extend, getting mired down in ongoing exhaustion, even in doing good.

the need to listen, see, and touch as well as to be heard, seen and allowed to touch are real.

is it possible to hide in only one of these three arenas of attention? can I so focus my ear to the bird, that all else recedes? can I so focus my eyes to the leaf, that all else slips away? can I so focus my touch to the essence, that all else is lost?

it is the combination of the attentions that allows me to wake up in this moment. it is interesting how my how my body refuses to move back or forward in time but can only be right here, right now. my mind, on the other hand, flutters forward and back, temporally lost from the now. it is when I ask my temporally lost self to listen to the body that my mind and soul can come to presence. is this why god put us in sensory bodies so as to anchor us in the only space that is home, to teach us that only in presence can love and mercy have it’s way with you and I?

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