little bit of manna

these keys cost…well let’s just say I’ll be paying on them until I am 79 1/2. oh such a weird thought. though I will put them to great use.

and other things on manna front. a month or so ago I was describing the hermitage to one of my grand girlfriends. mentioned that the previous owner was hauling of stove to “stove heaven.” she was like, ding ding, “I just happen to have one in my garage left over from recent renovation. think god must have been saving it for you. would you like it?” (paraphrased). “ummm. yes please and thank you.”

well and then there is also the fact that when I was ooo-ing and awing over the online marketing of a near by place, another grand girlfriend said, “do you want me to call the agent for you and get more details?” “mmmmmm. i don’t know…well ok.” she did, so I set an appoint to go look. I picked out a few nearby places to check while out there. these keys go to the third place I looked at. the first place was too hot (big, plus pool and too far from work), the second place was too cold (sterile with it’s leveled mowed pasture) and the third was just very right (all microforested, small shelter, just right a spot for woodshop, another for two-d work and covered areas for stitch stitching my tubes and so much more.

another weird manna moment is a month before I saw my microforest I’d sent my roommate (from 30 years ago) a list of what I’d like in a nest/ in a home base, kind of what I thought my soul needed. I had totally forgotten this email until she sent it back to me when I threw down a contract on the microforest. so glad she did because my now microforest matches my hoped/dreamed for list. god is so weird in a good way. he probably got a good laugh by the fact that he had to email me back my request so it would actually dawn on me that it had been given. so weird. if Earl was my last chance angel, I could totally see him doing something like this and rubbing it in in a good way, saying, “see Grace, this is how it really works.”


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