more trash mixed with ikea (and home depot faucet)

need to lower it a little, extend out the counter on left side some, and won't caulk and stuff til I have floored but this is what my sink looks like. maybe add just a trim of white tile on wall lining sink and counter and color on wall. sink area is kind of cross between funky modern and farmhouse. don't want to go too country. once things settle down I will make two rolling bins from rough hewn oak, similar to counter, that roll under sink area for towel storage. can't decide what to do with floor so that's a bit of a hold up. wood, water, and me don't mix. not a water slob, but don't want to worry about an occassional wet foot on the floor. same with kitchen. wood is cool and glamerous but worrisome when it comes to splashed water. don't want to add to those little tugs at the back of the mind.