cottage white to baby &#%*¥!

it looked happy happy green under home depot lights, mustard yellow by daylight, back to a greenish happy green by night. we’ll see. it’s only one can. perhaps it functions like a mood ring of the mid seventies I wore in junior high. I tend toward white white but that’s a bit sterile. but thinking I’d be smart I chose a cottage white and the painter decided to make my trim white instead of matching my walls. this makes cottage white in contrast to the trim quite yellowish to me (unfortunately however it is my brain is wired, I notice every time I come home. so I thought I’d live on the wild side and add some flashy color in some of my small rooms. they say pick a color you like. well I noticed when I got home with my bed linens that they perfectly matched my dishes. dang I must like these colors–mustard, a kind of bright green just a hint to the olive side, orange, dark rust. you would think since an artist I’d know what I like but I don’t. I actually really like bright orange and was tempted to go with it. chickened out as it was to risky and figured then for sure my sister in law wouldn’t ever ever come to my house. so no orange. though perhaps the bathroom is small enough (cheap enough) to be a good place to explore color with which to live. well baby poo green is the risk of the week/weak. hope it looks better than the prepped edges. and I am kind of growing fond of blue tape.


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