ok. pulled all out of context but good thoughts or goals none the less

“…seek…’sameness’ and ‘difference’ in a perpetual state of mutual negotiations were neither swallows or ejects the other?…this shifting experience and thought are embodied…by an absence of fixity that attends to the ambiguous, the permutating, the composite, the flexible, the ephemeral…the image comes to mind is a web, a network of traces formed not from any a priori image but through the processes themselves…certain art practices separate themselves from the rise of repressive totalitarian systems.” — m. Catherine de Zegher

art speak easily overlays life speak.

also pulling out of context (in this case using in reading art) is the practice of Lectio Divina which is essentially trying to read a text with a life and spiritual openness allowing words that swim to the top or catch one’s soul’s attention to be reconsidered more mindfully.

so applying a spiritual practice to an art reading the things that jump off the page, screen, into the heart of my day, perhaps causing me pause and ponder:

1. fixity–well not for any deep reason except what an absolutely great bastardized word! I mean especially from the standpoint of being a Texan and all our fixin’s. I’ve got to figure out how to embrace and use fixity in a texas style sentence or simply create a whole exhibition around the word. well after I use bellows–another great word.

2. neither swallows or ejects the other–good goal. yup. concur. I’ve found binary usually isn’t productive life process because it creates an us against them; an I am good, therefore you must be bad, bad, bad, well and you are! so there blah blah. tongue handing out and finger flying metaphorically speaking. you know the drill. it’s never good to create us and them camps…pretty much ensures someone must dies or be kicked into exile or fly planes into populated buildings. I suppose I could do my forty years in the desert based on the longevity of the women in my family that’d still give me almost ten years on the other side. though I generally prefer green so nix the forty and I don’t want spring to just return to my step as I am turning ninety. so nix the forty; nix the desert; nix the exile; nix the camps; nix the binary.

3. image comes to mind is a web–oh crap. will I be caught, coated in the sick stickies and then eaten alive. eeek. nix that.

4. separate themselves from the rise of repressive totalitarian systems–again, good goal. but then “separate themselves” does bump right back into the binary of us and them, good and bad. ok well I do happen to think repressive and totalitarian are not the greatest of behaviors or systems to be a part of or ruled by–bad for all parties involved. so see there you go with me saying, us, them, bad, bad…guess I need to go fixitying up my binary thinking and attitudes.

so much for Lectio Divina. don’t think my ramblings were stumbling much into the divine.


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