[p4] human comps
pre-read but wait for kk’s verbal instruction before beginning

[p4] human comps [download pdf project sheet]


Create two photographic compositions ( 8 x 10 ) collaboratively with table team adapted from your most interesting DOT or SQUARED comp [p1 or p2] that reinforces the original concept. Adapt comp by introducing the human element. Team members function as dots (or squares) and an environment must be chosen or created to represent the white/negative space. Each photo should be mounted on ½” white or black foamcore with no borders.


  • transfer 2 dimensional comps into human space
  • infuse simple comp with something uniquely human
  • positively and productively collaborate as a team member to develop
  • and execute each members comps
  • effectively document human comp process

Step 1—Dots or Squares

Choose as team whether to execute dot or square comps (entire group has to do same). From each student’s work select 2 comps from chosen category.

Step 2—Team brainstorm

Develop brainstorm lists
Ten (10) ideas of how to create white space
Ten (10) ideas how to create black dots/squares
Five (5) themes that makes the piece uniquely human
Five (5) options for documenting comps
As a team, select final method of becoming black square/dot, creating white space, uniquely human theme and how it will be recorded/documented. Each member will post all lists (human object, space, theme, documentation options) and agreed upon plan in their surface VJ. Include list of team members.

Step 3—Delegate + collect + fabricate

Develop material list; delegate and harvest all materials. Include selection of best documentation camera/tripod from within team. Fabricate necessary components and prepare space.

Step 4—Construct tableau

DO IT and SHOOT IT as a team! Shoot two comps for each team member.

Step 5—Document

DO it. Review it. Revise it. Write up experience working in a collaborative team; post in Visual Journal.

Step 6—Crit/Present

Each member is to post the documentation of their two human comps and two source comps, all brainstorming lists and final plan in their VJ and have (2) 8×10 photographs (high resolution) mounted on foamcore.

Post two images to WASH Facebook wall. Note human theme and first name of all team members (starting with your own) on FB images by 9:00 am day of crit.

Highly recommend all images be shot with same camera and printed at same shop at same time–this ensures color consistency.


Brainstorming in studio; all other development during non-studio time over two weekends. Create a schedule for team.

Due for surface studio = [ Monday 2/27 [mw] – Tuesday 2/28 [tth].

Vocabulary (partial list)

tableau, white space, negative space, concept, theme, brainstorm, document, performance, mundane

Artists of interest

Rebecca Horne, Oscar Schlemmer, Yayoi Kusama

____________________________White Space Photo Walk Series

Go for walk; shoot various samples of WHITE [negative] SPACE. Select most interesting top 4 shots, have photographic prints made and post in Visual Journal.

Due in Visual Journal _______.