[p7] imagine [artist] collaboration
assigned 2/24 in lecture

[p7] imagine [artist] collaboration [pdf]

Produce a collaborative artwork your selected lecture contemporary artist.
Research strategies, motivations, processes, subject matter, worldview, and biographical information of a randomly selected contemporary artist, and embark on a fictional collaborative project with the artist producing an actual artwork.

Engage in comprehensive research and show an understanding of the artist’s work and strategies as well to explore the your own influences and motivations.
Evidence research through a written paper (lecture), and a presentation (lecture).
Produce a collaborative project reflecting a 50/50 consideration
of the researched artist’s work and the your own sensibilities as artist/designer.
Exhibit ambition, superb craft, thoughtful display, ingenuity, and conceptual risk.

Step 1: (lecture component) Through a random drawing, select one contemporary artist to “work with” on a mock collaboration project. Research artist in depth, looking beyond first impressions of the artist’s work into the content, including the artist’s background, ideology, experiences, influences, working habits, strategies and motivations. Likewise, reflect and note the same for yourself in surface VJ.

Step 2: (lecture component) See PRESENTATION + RESEARCH PAPER, 1315.01.

Step 3: (SURFACE studio component) Create an artwork that equally reflects chosen artist and yourself. The hybrid resulting artwork should challenge you toward new ideas and processes. It should involve experimentation and risk. Do not be neutral in your use of visual language. Visual language is not neutral or natural but often subject to the forces of politics, history, gender, and race.

Harvesting ideas {thoughtfully answer EACH in surface vj = up #5}

  • What conceptual themes are present in this artist’s work?
  • How do you recognize the influence of previous art movements in the work of this artist? Explain.
  • What formal choices are regularly present in this artist’s work?
  • Explain the materials used and artistic process of this artist.
  • What artistic habits do you and your contemporary artist share?
  • Imagine that you and your artist were to share a meal.
  • What would you want to ask him/her?
  • Explain how that imagined meal might happen {what would you eat,
  • what non-art things would you talk about, what advise would you seek}

Anaylsis Questions [answer in surface vj = due check up #5]

  • What is authorship?
  • What are the complexities involved in the collaborative process?
    ie consider human comps collaboration
  • What are effective strategies in researching and interpreting the work of another artist? of discovering your own?
  • How do personal or socio—political events impact the life of artists and influence their work?
  • What considerations are involved in conceptualizing and producing a complex work of art?


  • Demonstrates a thorough understanding of artist
  • Demonstrates deep understanding of own artistic habits, influences
  • and motivations
  • Ambitiousness in concept
  • Ambitiousness in form and craft
  • Thoughtful display/presentation
  • Clearly reflects a 50/50 consideration of researched artist and own sensibilities

Papers Friday, April 27 [both typed hardcopy + digital]
Presentation See Presentation Calendar

Imagine Collaboration – work independently (own time).

Critique Everyone

Exhibiting Artist
Phase 4-6 groups
, Friday, April 20, 9:30 am

  • Proposal for facility usage due surface studio, 3/21-22
  • Installation surface studio, 4/18-19 plus after hours on your studio day
  • Desinstallation + facility restoration, 4/22-23, after hours

Phase 1-3 groups, Friday, April 27, 9:30 am

  • Proposal for facility usage due surface studio, 3/28-29
  • Installation surface studio 4/25-26 plus after hours on your studio day
  • Desinstallation + facility restoration, Sunday 4/29, all day