delicate debilitating decay compounded by un-deferentiated decisions

hmmmm. within two months, ac/heater went belly up and couldn’t even exhaust her final death gasp. died; dead, dead, dead. it was to be expected within first few years as she was a bit aged. but months? replaced. today, 6 months in, water heater has relieved herself and will be maintaining her incontinence. she too displayed her age when we met with her rusty oozy joints and bottom end. :O but wouldn’t trade the hermitage or microforest with its mini meadow. nope. but my wallet’s feeling her decay.

“OH SNAP!” as a five year old I once knew would always say…as I stand here contemplating her new needed bladder!!

eeny miney moe best better good.

time passes —

crud! power off. in theory. check. rechecked with beepy power checker. no beeping. check. garden hose hooked up. check. water to house shut off. check. hot water faucet valves at sinks open. check. faucet at hose attached to water heater opened. check. DANG DON’T KNOW HOW TO OPEN RELIEF VALUE. old tank still full. cell reception doesn’t work for voice support. shit. or go back and pay 200 bucks to have some one connect two lines and twisty tie one electrical. double pooh. dang dang dang. I have no experience so it’s all a matter of reading the spoty instructions. double dang. I want it to be more straight forward. I think I am going for a walk and have a short get over it cry (a relief valve I know how to operate!)

now hot shower tonight. need home depot run again to get a joint because I can’t loosen this silly doohickey.


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