in my own sniveling snot (this title is so disgusting, I like it)

as I tread through 90 plus storyLINEs (creative writing projects, either about crossing the line or staying in line), sometimes I ripple with mild laughter or a breath of beauty, sometimes I look up as though they are speaking directly to me, largely i feel a swell of insight and respect for them for they have almost literally plunged fully into the deep end of their own pools without a floaty. i’ve asked them to do this and whatever it is about my nature they tend to trust and jump. problem, which is my own, perhaps due to the way in which i am cobbled together and what is submerged within myself, I just start sinking into their pools which surge with the depth of their wounds, struggles to sense their own belonging, grief and sense of otherness. between the ones that make me laugh or catch my breath, I end up a big ball of sniveling snot. makes reading difficult. fortunately I don’t grade these. how could I possibly grade the content of another’s soul pool? so instead the stories function as springboards in developing a linear work that pulls mood, movement and materiality from their own storyLINE to create a single visually realized gesture, an ARTifact.

perhaps next semester I should be selfish and rethink the writing to put them in the shallow end for my sake. though most usually aren’t all that funny when they try to be (neither am I). so I’ll probably be crying in the pools and dripping on my iPhone again this time next semester.

just some student mark making (line) explorations 


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