naturally while digging a mere three holes on ten acres the one PVC water line feeding the back five acres is struck. the odds were not quite as low as winning the lotto but close, this I found pretty funny. well mainly because I glued PVC together the other week on the replacement stuff for the caput water heater…so since I knew I could fix it, it only made me laugh. if I had to pay a plumber, I might have, well, contemplated a few curse words to direct at an imaginary plumbing god! so not only did the line break but it was in the way. today I rerouted and fixed it–hopefully leak free.

I am sitting here on the cover small part of my deck watching my deer pod graZe at the most 50 feet from my reclined back end. I can’t wait to finish my deck extension so that in the cool of evening I may sit in the open, reading and watching my deer and hawk pods. but I am really looking forward to reclining on extended porch for some serious star gazing. I could go layout in the field in the dark but I am a bit urban and the night field filled with its creepy crawling Eco system makes me a little nervous to lay in…

I am not sure it can get much greener, but I will watch just in case it makes itself evident.