pod chair to go with womb nest chairs

ok still on subfloor and a bit of renovations still in the works but i’ve just got to have some reading chairs. this is my pod chair. on the lower level I’ve got my nest womb chair(s). snuck the pillows off guest bed just to test the look. obviously I’ll need to make slip covers because my sculptress habits don’t lend themselves towards anything remaining white. but I do actually like the white.

the nest womb chair and it’s view plus renovation junk laying around on the subfloor

apparently the antique golden oak style of two decades was one dictated by my own need to belong, to fit in, to assimilate, and didn’t really have much to do with my personal aesthetics. is this a waning residual dig? perhaps. but no less true. it has taken me a while to discover some of my habits and tendencies that are about getting along. I’ve only just begun deconstructing them, unlearning them, pealing them back to see more of who i am, as I was created to be.


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