2012 day 2 | exhausted sloth filled moment opens wide

deconstructing doors requires a bit more exertion than expected. first run, pry bar. nope. so I’ve broken out my sweet semi new plunge cutter to loosen the old fashioned, well made, mortise and tenon system. plunging around the end most edges of tenon/stub, but alas to no avail. I conclude with simply plunging into the tenon stub along the door seams attempting, I suppose, some kind of cross cut, hoping for structural release. but she still gives me fits, so a sweat/swear break under the graying sky that leaks is due. so I sit here slothfully thumbing away on my iPhone with a mindless stream. hmmm. I do exhaust even myself. ha. no, not with the mundane stream that is plentiful but simply with physical exertion. perhaps it is that the well used 50 year old frame has begun to creak and grown a bit more loudly. dang.

and sometimes I wonder if this exhausted sloth filled moment opens wide because some how I’ve run down the wrong rabbit trail with my making or material choices.