2012 day 2 | here AND there noggin traveling

I am here and there
and the work keeps shifting and sliding around in my head
my binary self wants to cast off
the this or that tomorrow thinking
and choose one but not both
make for now here
to hell with functionality transport and what the next moon brings
the counter, make for tomorrow
as my “barren plains…” exhibit encroaches
banging incessantly at my door
prepare to answer I must

my cognitive self
is trying to weave the two together
into today tomorrow both
my emotional reactive self
is daunted with unattainability
so I blend cajole coddle
with my cognitive self
quietly and gently texting my reactive self
addressing her fears and ongoing dauntiness, “oh sweet reactive heart, your dauntiness is real but not true.”

and so I slide about
here AND there
with ideations of fabricated chairs resurfacing in my noggin
my reactive self concurs
in all her normal dauntiness
but she likes these ideations
warming up to a certain

so the mundane ramble, a poem of sorts, of a year ago begins to finally visually manifest within the field of barren plains of back turned could have beens

I dissolve my fabricated chairs

I have this table
bare laid built of soul
one where I repeatedly
in my recesses
draw those I love

I have them here
against their spoken wills
as I awaken I latch on to their stay
naked in heart speaking pleading
I hear my own whines

they pushed back a bit ago
not righting their chairs
nor to draw up again
yet their memory flattened
I strap upon these seatings not their own

this morning with usual effort
i dissolve these fabricated chair seatings
with straps of intimate mind musings

i set afresh the table
spilling it with sun risen scents
of just turned soils
i glide my hands
furrowing rich long runners
where water from spilled crystal seeps still
and the sun’s glance splinters gracefully
across the richness piled warmth

i flare my nostrils
with the fertile ripeness
await in acceptance of unacceptance
listening even now again
for the ever drifting scents
of the emergent

i dissolve these fabricated chair seatings
with my hands deep amid turned soil