it is not cost effective but it is life effective

running off for 5 weeks to an artist residency is cost effective for some–beautiful room, highly functional studio, drop dead gorgeous environment, chef, comradery, and so much more provided! the poets haul their laptops and journals, painters, paints and canvas, media based, their recording devices and digital appliances, musicians may get by on digital hardware, each can pop on a plane or subway and jaunt on over to the upper east coast, but the freaking tubist (sculptress of sewn nonfunctional inner tubes) must haul 5-600 pounds of supplies with her making planes and trains nonoptional. the biggest debate this trip is whether to haul a trailer 3400 miles or just rent one for route home (1700). for safety reasons, I decided to rent as needed to haul home finished works for August exhibition. is this cost effective? absolutely not! is it life effective? most definitely! either way I will be my normal dirty self as I am today no matter the local or cost.