making space for the unruly, the resistant, and the radical

“in a hostile academic environment that seems often devoted to the goal of composing students through a disciplinary curriculum that renders them docile, we hope that this volume encourages the process of de-composing composition itself, making space for the unruly, the resistant, and the radical.” — randi gray kristensen + ryan claycomb

even in an environment were the intent is to cross the disciplinary boundaries, to not strap ourselves so tightly to “the way it is or was,” and explore the borderlands of meaning and making, we so often fall back in the disciplinary model in which we were trained. suddenly I find an inadvertent external strapping and pressure to emphasize a “can they mix tints and shades and select color schemes” vs facilitating their process of deconstructing and reconstructing meaning through explorations in selection and sequencing along with discovering the discrepancies between their intent and reception, and a space where color along with tints and shades are simply vehicles to enhance meaning and not an end in themselves.