UPDATED with wildblue excede
wildblue excede problem
consumer complaint

july 1 

re-recontacted wildblue via online customer support chat. stephanie
lets me know she sees no record of attempt at installation and no
initiation or approval for refund. she notes in online chat, that i saved as i saved the one that documented i would be refunded, june 6, that there has been an error on their part. she suggests i call the customer service phone
number to request refund (the one i called on may 31 with an hour and 14
minute hold time, in which i initiated and confirmed that i would be refunded my $369…!)

oh undisclosed curse words!

in a moment of hopeful weakness, i’ve decided to call number one more time. was on hold a mere 1 minute. i spout dates/events with every effort at masking my pissed offness and suddenly the kind voiced woman says something to the effect, oh yes, i can see all these things in our records exactly as you state. “LET ME EXPEDITE YOUR REFUND.”

so now i am on hold while she awaits CORPORATE approval. I can wait for that…let’s see what happens. fingers crossed.


kindly voice says I should be refunded full amount within 5 to 7 days. i await with high expectations! oh snoopy bank balance foot dance on a red dog house.on monday i should retract my online charge challenge.


may 25, 2012

phone ordered service
fees, installation and equipment costs deducted from my credit card

may 28

tech informs me on site prior to installing disc that service would not be able to be provided in this habitat due to line of sight issues pertinent to satellite transmission. and that wildblue would call me on may 29, to issue full refund

no call

may 31

one hour and 14 minutes on hold; 3 minutes of conversation, to confirm and initiate full refund of 369 bucks.

no activity (refund) on credit card.

June 6

contact wildblue/excede customer care via their online chat support. Andrew h. assures me I will receive a full refund, but it takes awhile.

no activity (refund) on credit card.

June 29

I again contact wildblue via online customer care chat support. Connor l. pulls up account and locates tech notes on not installing or initiating service. Connor let’s me know they are updating his system and he cannot access financial data. he let’s me know I can call customer support. I let him know I won’t based on previous excessive hold problem and that I would like to resolve this online. he apologizes profusely and ends the chat session.

crap. I will try chat session again in a few hours.

if wildblue does not rectify charges for unreceived services, I’ll start the hoop jumping with my credit card company to contest! and I do contest to them keeping my money.

noted here as reference to others who use google.


2 Responses

  1. my dad keeps up with my blog, though I knew this already. so an evening email arrived suggesting I go ahead and contact usaa to begin to contest wildblues charges. and for me to enjoy myself and life is short so don't be so much of a worry wart. such a good dad :) I am very fortunate to have such outstanding parents!