foot bound except when grasshopper hunting

an affection hound but if you ask her to wrestle with you, she will kick your butt or lay you out flat grinning the whole time. with her half border collie blood and instinct, I have to remind myself not to instigate rambunctious play. sometimes I forget. and she is so funny with her body slams and nips and grips. its fun and makes me laugh but i definitely loose and it promotes bad puppy patterns. the herd instinct is pretty ingrained so wrestle playing escalates it and I have to stop so as not to promote this behavior. but i will say she can take me down in one body slam (after I started it). and they are hilarious because they occur at torso level because she is a leaper. and ouchy on the bum and rib cage nips which are like these tiny little pinches, just enough skin to Oooouch. these also happen as she hangs midair of a leap. she is a good wrestler but only after i instigate. kathy must not promote this behavior. so I just have to stay with cuddles and no wrestling with the Dopt. I just forget ever now and again and wrestle (to my demise and much laughter).