that’s not a mint on my pillow

walk in the guest bedroom, hmmm, quilt is turned down, pillows fluffed. odd. my dad doesn’t usually turn the linens down and leave me a mint. that’s more my lubbock friend’s style. oh. oh. apparently the Dopt did this for me and what is that under my pillow, stashed so well? a large raw hide bone. ha. a nice welcome home, but I may prefer the mint or the tooth fairy’s monetary residue. as I plan to not need this gift, I return it to the giver. she immediately takes it outside, digs up a large flower pot, buries, covers and then camo covers the bone. no one the wiser. my dog is a hoarder. though I’ve seen the marmaduke cartoons, I’ve actually never seen a dog really perform these behaviors. she is a good kind of trouble.


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