loading, loaded text, truck + trailer for transport

hmm a series of deleted, undisclosed thoughts, loaded.

i hadn’t realized i had this many visual texts, remnants from 2009. i received my first two chalkboards from Dale Stewart in 2007. they were just process boards not meant as art. i had them leaned up against my studio wall at an artcrawl. oddly (to me) people were fascinated with them. for me, they are largely still just process boards and remain unerased, a trace of my thinking. i still have yet to realize how to bring my text and object, text and space together without it feeling contrived.

i find the documentation of loading the texts for transport by far more provocative than the original installation. and the sheer physical act of loading texts seemed amazing right.

where i am going to store them and what becomes of them remains problematic. considering binding them as an 8’x3′ book. will have to contemplate the how. probably have to be a pseudo spiral bind as perfect binding is out. will need to add boards to backs of pages as well. oh i think i just figured it (better go write down before i forget binding method).


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