MW crew WEEKend 2 to-do checklist for Monday 9/10

MW Crew
WEEKend 2 to-do checklist

[p1] dots strategy steps 3-4

  1.  ___ review [p1] dot handout 
  2.  ___ review habit crit handout 
  3.  ___ complete process crit write ups [habit crit guide] in VJ 
  4.  ___ select strongest 5 comps (total 15) for each concept 
  5.  ___ render comps on white 5×5 cardstock with sharpie

           (neatness = craft = matters) 

layout on table top before 9:30 M 9/10 for critical analysis/table team crit 

[p2] squared  strategy steps 1-3

  1.  ___ read [p2] squared handout carefully 
  2.  ___ select three word sets 
  3.  ___ develop a series of thumbnails for each set in VJ

            (recommend 10 sketches per word = ~60) 
  4.  ___ select strongest three sets (6 comps) for each word set 
  5.  ___ render these 18 comps slightly larger on a square format, ~3×3 or 4×4.    
            execute so idea is clearly communicated.
            using just outlines is not effective. 
  6.  ___ cut a part
    bring to class for peer critical review 

photo dot walk (see page 2 of [p2] squared)

  1.  ___ read handout 
  2.  ___ go for a walk 
  3.  ___ shoot (camera phone or camera) images of dots/spots that you see occurring in the environment, man made or natural. Go paparazzi at each location. 
  4.  ___ review photos and select 4 distinct but interesting photos emphasizing dots from your walk 
  5.  ___ order photographic prints (put in VJ by 9/12) 

MONDAY MATERIALS all previous thumbnails and renderings PLUS bring supplies to complete [p1] + [p2]  = WASH kit, black paper, photo matte paper, sharpies, spray glue, etc

Final dot and squared critique 9/12; install work Sunday evening or Monday morning BEFORE 9 am. Crit will begin promptly at 9:30 work that is not up at that time will be counted as a zero.


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