process conceptual crit guide
MW for 9/10
TTH from 9/6

[p1] dot concept crit guide—proximity, continuance, similarity

Takes notes in VJ and listen carefully; pay attention to others perceptions.

  1. Can you see their viewpoint? Is it stronger than your initial intent? 
  2. What could be adjusted to strengthen either your intent or teams perception? 
  3. Are you surprised? How so? Not surprised? Why not? 
  4. For final three selected by team, agree or disagree with each selection and explain why?
  5. Be VERY specific. How could even these be strengthened? TEST IT?
  6. If yes, make this refinement for final ones.  

Address all questions in crit write up.


  1. Quickly SORT as a team into categories based on 3 dominating principle. Team may also need to “don’t know pile.”
  2. One category at a time, analyze for meaning; eliminate the weakest -‐ flip over and set to side away from rest; continue process of elimination down to best (strongest meaning + interesting/novel visual solution) TWO for each category.
  3. Select final 3—Be sure the final set shows varied/distinct solutions. Lay them out together (couple inches between each; not touching). Are they too much the same or do they show good variety? How interesting are they as a set? Using tracing paper over each (3) quickly note suggestions for refine to strengthen composition and/or concept.

Crittee follow up

  1. Tape original team selected three solutions in VJ (or Xerox copy).
  2. Put crit write up below comps.
  3. Based on crit determine any items still needing to be resolved/refined and update. Test changes (render them). If yes, go with refined solution.
  4. You may make an executive decision to substitute ONE totally different comp than the team chose, BUT for that one you must include tape copy of team-‐selected comp next to one you select AND give a written justification as to why you have chosen to switch out that comp.
  5. Execute top three pristine BW on 5×5 INKJET MATTE PHOTO PAPER. Mount each 5×5 on 9×9 black construction paper with 5×5 perfectly centered.
  6. Complete revisions and render final solutions for next studio.

Due 9/12-‐13, installed prior to 9:30 PLUS [p2] squared BLITZ. 9/12-‐13, installed prior to 9:30 am.


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