WEEKend 1 surface to-do checklist

Read/Respond [VJ-surface Visual Journal]

  1. ___ write summary of first morning [refine/synthesize notes] and add your thoughts/opinions, agree/disagree and why with what was discussed in studio.
  2. ___ NOTE at least 5 things worth remembering. 
  3. ___ record quote and expound on why you agree/disagree or a combo  in VJ
  4. ___ READ [P1] dot handout thoroughly. 
  5. ___ READ syllabus
  6. ___ define vocabulary [listed on p1 handout] 

Make complete [p1] strategy step 1

  1. ___ thirty (30) thumbnails for [p1] dot in VJ

    10 – proximity 10 – continuance 10 – similarity

  2. ___ xerox copy thumbnails and cut them a part from one another
  1. ___ store individual thumbnails in envelop in VJ 
  2. ___ we will be process critiquing these promptly at 9:30 be sure they are all cut a part from one another


Compass, circle template, cardstock paper, more white paper, lots of sharpies, pencils, black construction paper, scissors, photo matte paper, ream of white paper, ream of what cardstock, VJ


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