WEEKend 3 to-do checklist

Research/Respond/Write in VJ

  1. Mount photo of final dot/square comp (as presented on wall) 
  2. complete P1 + P2 crit write up – follow guide, address each item even if group did not discuss. 
  3. Mount 4 photographs from DOT walk and write up 
  4. Read [p3] mapscapes
  5. RESEARCH (thorough evidence of research should be documented in VJ…text, ideas for materials, ideas for solutions, sketches, ideas for binding methods)

    Why we map? explore as many options as possible

    Topographic mapping

    Magnetic mapping

    Material options

    Possible methods of combining

    Binding methods to test

    Previous solutions from WASH (this album includes all last semester, no matter the grade)
    WASH dot/mapscape pinterest album see link on blog 


  1. From topographic mapping sampling and your selected comp, 6 polished sketches 
  2. From magnetic mapping sampling and your selected comp, 6 polished sketches 
  3. Collect and test material idea

surface VJ due first studio — MW 9/17 + TTH 9/18


All polished sketches, VJ, materials (bring several options) for map scapes, plus binding agent, understructure material and tools (ie scissors) you might need.

The lack of supplies (materials, binding agents, tools) will result in an absence towards your grade.


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