WEEKend 5 surface to-do checklist
can’t wait to see the scapes fully realized!

WASH house is closed this weekend for BFA review.
You may return to the WASH house after 5 pm on Sunday.

Read/Research/Record [VJ]

  • review [p3] mapscape project sheet; confirm parameters
  • [p4] eye candy: last semester, pinterest
  • research [p4] human comp collab [evidence of research should be in VJ–image sampling from other artists, research relative to questions, and personal expanded research]RESEARCH human comp collab
  1. human theme silly or serious (mood?)? why?
    is that the strongest direction for the theme? how so or not?
  2. how does the manner in which you create the dots support the theme and the silliness or serious degree? explain. is that best solution to support concept and mood? how does the manner or location for the white space support the theme and mood? does it strengthen? weaken? or is it neutral? explain.  
  3. independently research your theme (historical references, contemporary samples, personal examples, connections to other ideas, stereotypes, etc).
  4. is the piece calling viewer to a light moment of laughter, create an awareness about a real issue, activating viewer to respond? what is the point of the work? what are you saying with it? anything worth hearing?
  5. add some independ research based on your interests relative to the theme your team has choosen
  6. list 5 ways you think the team could improve the project conceptual and formally.


  • [p3] mapscape #1 to WOW level-blow us away and yourself with your ambitiousness and thoughtful use of materials and craft
  • [p3] mapscape #2 to WOW level-blow yourself away with with ambition, thoughtfulness and craft
  • installing your crews mapscape exhibition for crit
    this can knock other work off the wall even if 15 or more feet away!
    Bring the hardware to hang your work
    and some alternatives just in case. Sheet rock screws work fine. You do not need super sized screws. Depth range from 1 5/8 to 2 inches should work fine. Three drills are available during tool room hours as well as levels.

    MW crew – install on east walls and rolling walls
    Sunday night beginning at 6 pm through Monday morning at 9 am.

    TTH crew – install on west walls
    Monday 5pm -Tuesday 9 am.

    Your top mapscape should be just above 57″.
    Note height of work already on wall. Coordinate.
    Your work should be put up like an exhibition and consider what is on either side.

    Don’t forget your fortune cookie
    sized name tag.

  • Touch base with team on human comp collab


VJ and a fully awake brain. Bring brainstorming and supplies for [p4] Human Comp Collab just in case their is time to continue working on.


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