midWEEK 9 – storyLINE ARTifact proposal development


Review team notes on three ARTifact pitches for your storyLINE.
Develop your own proposal for your storyLINE ARTifact (this may be taken from team ideas or your own idea). THIS IS FOR A GRADE.

Proposal + Elevator Pitch [a copy in your VJ and a copy for me]

  1. sketches
  2. photos of other artists’ works that might be similar or inspirational
  3. description 
  4. include each of the following with your description and describe how it relates to your story
  • mood
  • movement
  • metaphor
  • materials
  • sensory experience
  • key words
  • how it emphasizes line
  • presentation method

lost? review some of pinterest collections [they all apply] for idea generation.

WASH storyLINE, WASH body, WASH mm,
WASH body as site of conflict, WASH dot/map scapes,
WASH lump art here, some past WASH projects.


collect potential materials to test, BRING, including possible binding agents/systems, and bring both proposal copies (VJ + KK copy) to surface studio.

Wednesday / Thursday is a storyLINE studio WORKDAY. Bring materials to start your storyLINE ARTifact.