ummmm. long day, but good


trailer to H-town, loaded domestic thresholds to be deconstructed, arranged for an 18 wheeler load of rubber (waterproofing) stripped from high rises (Goodyear). bahahaaaa — though it will take me several trips to get it to the studio; loading with fork lift; unloading with chica muscles; should be exhaustingly fun. limiting factor on hauling is not trailer load capacity but how many miles it takes the Tacoma to stop with a loaded trailer. overloading = dead sculptress. I’ll take many trips. and honestly it’ll take a while to unload each 1000 lb palette. pretty sure I’ll be back to my arm ripped self by January 18.

anyhow now is time to kick back, watch the stars come out, scratch the Dopt, and sip my fresh crushed raspberry mush (absolutely NOT gin).


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