weekEND 12 to-do checklist


  1. Review [p9] building mood; building with value handout
  2. Complete Found Color [phase 1] 
  3. Measurements: 4″ x 12″
    Color Relationship: Monochromatic {one color + shades + tints} based on one of the
    colors chosen for your overall color scheme 

    Materials: Free color swatches, scissors, exacto knife and new
    blades, clear drying glue, modge podge, 2 copies properly sized Xerox or laser copy of
    image, 4″ x 12″ masonite board, single hole punch (optional). 

    Technique: Transfer or securely modge podge source image to surface. Collage thin
    rectangular slices and simple shaped pieces of your color swatches (monochromatic-
    -one hue, many values) to the surface based on source image values. You will cover the
    entire piece of masonite with this collage and have the option of coating the surface
    with modge podge, matte medium or gloss medium when completed.  

    Frame: PICK UP WOOD + BRING TO NEXT STUDIO [~12′ in length and 1 to 4″ wide and 1-2″thick] You will build a cradle frame, so the piece extends off the wall. The depth of the
    frame, along with the treatment of frame’s surface {paint, collage, stain, natural} is up to
    you. Mentors will help cutting the wood and advice you on frame building.  

    Label BACK: your first + last name, must be on the back, not the front of work  

    Timeline: Mini-critique over phase one, Nov 19/20

  4. Hand Created Color Library
    Preparation for Torn+Mixed Color [phase two]

    Measurements: 12″ x 12″
    Color Relationship: Monochromatic based on overall color scheme. Do not use hue used in phase one. 

    Materials: Several bristol paper sheets, and other experimental paper surfaces, masonite, acrylic house paint SAMPLER (~$3 at hardware store, Walmart, paint store) that matches your selected color, variety of mark making/texture creating tools (as in mark making) and a couple of cheap brushes, clear drying glue, modge podge or matte medium, wood glue and wood for framing, NO SCISSORS! 

    Technique: For your selected color create a value library of varied surface treatments. Each swatch should be ~6×6 on heavy weight paper like bristol. First generate a series of at least 5 tints, one pure hue, and 5 shades by mixing your color with white and black acrylic paint. Create a second series (at least 10 swatches) of value explorations that are varied due to implied surface texture (think mark making) treatment. TEST + EXPLORE — Thick, thin, textured, expressive, watery (wash), as well as a variety of values {tints=adding white; shades=adding black} with in your color palette.

     Nov 19/20 are color work days, mini phase one crit and big idea pitches

Big Idea

  1. Review [p] Big Idea project sheet
  2. Prepare Big Idea Elevator Pitch

Include: overall description and sketches, theme and relationship to identity essentials project, materials and binding agents, facility needs, images of other artists that influence this piece.