Not once did I bore an art historian in grad school in spite of my failure to comply with typical standards! Revisiting old writings and laughing as my narrative stands still. What was I thinking? Bahahaa.

Essay excerpt written by Kathryn Kelley, 2007. Essay “like a dog gets excited about going for a walk on a leash” on Post Modern art for Dana Padgett was written in response to several questions Dana posed to the group.

Excerpt [full pdf]

On the heels of Modernism, I fall into a void where there is no individuality, no unique private world, no authorship or originality. I find myself not in utopia but dystopia. There is no space; there is no silence. All inventions have been invented and recombination replaces creation. I fight the void. Unable to focus on my present, I become incapable of representing my current experience except through things that already exist. I dredge the archives seeking new meaning through new combinations. A rapid rhythm of change accelerates as I move through the limited number of combinations. Empty space is filled up. I consume all. Time becomes fragmented. I become isolated, disconnected and discontinuous. Signifiers fail to link into coherent wholes. My mimicries of other styles and mannerisms are hollow. I pile up the appropriated fragments ceaselessly and empty them of their significance. The promise of new meaning evades me. The narrative stands still. My reality becomes that which is defined by media. Life is subordinate to the laws of the market. High and low culture merge. I sense loss. I drink Diet Coke “like a dog gets excited about going for a walk ON A LEASH.” 1 I define myself not by what I am but by what I am not. Who am I? I am Post modern…part I: SIGNIFIERS FAIL TO LINK INTO COHERENT WHOLES [Salle, Polke]…MY REALITY BECOMES THAT WHICH IS DEFINED BY MEDIA.  I CONSUME ALL [Sherman, Bickerton, Koons]…I DREDGE THE ARCHIVES SEEKING NEW MEANING THROUGH NEW COMBINATIONS [Stockholder, Calame, Appelbaum].

admittedly these are older and surely need refined but read more anyway [pdf]


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