day 2 | still finding my ground

A tad discombobulated, as I am still coming off 3 1/2 half years (plus a fourth year prior but that one is a blur) of push and shove mostly in silence interspersed with blurts…I loved every moment of finding and developing new ways to operate a contemporary studio course in the best interest of 30 to 50 studio mates to be guided and explore (bonus 60 to 96 for the contemporary art history and practice lecture).

Develop I did — systems of studio management through collaborative teams used to flesh out work during ideation and early fabrication, guided critiques that allowed vibrant dialogue, banter, and such sans the interruption of authority because they were peer operated, exploration of mediums, self reflections and pushing creative and work processes. I developed and implemented a ton silently and quietly as is my nature…ha except with my students. But outside of the blurts when I was unduly poked, it was a behind the scenes endeavor. It was excellent but exhausting…how do you give constructive critical feedback in three courses (two studios and one lecture per semester) ranging in size from 30 to 50 each? You just do. It is foundational.

A grade does not suffice…a grade is actually somewhat irrelevant, what matters is feedback on what is working and why, what is not working and why…where are the disconnect between intent and reception…what cues enhance, which detract and WHY?

It was a great program and run. I am done with that for now. Now is the time to regroup and follow a new direction…teaching/mentoring wont every be far away for it is how I am hardwired.

VSC is perfect to begin a major transition, not just a little change, but big ones. Where will I go? What will I do? Tug. Mostly, what will I do? To go just to go, isn’t an interest. This month will be finding ground.

Discombobulated but fidgeting about with a new understructure material that is cheap, cheap, cheap.


oops! Too BIG, though in theory it is modular! Yup.

Such a lovely space to find ground.





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