day 23 | often my first impulse is the correct one

then i fidget or move something. there simply is no cmd-z in real space with tubes each having their own own inclinations. pin here, clip there, move it a smidgen and the entire piece is simply different. snip here, cut there, bam different. once the clip, snip, pin, position is shifted, there is no going back. my preference for exhibition will always be toward a space i can install directly within. moving the work forever changes the bulk of it. a few works never change perceptually…ie incessant thinking and incessant thinking [again]. 

there is immense joy when my first impulse, even if uncomfortable in its connotations, is the right one and much gnashing of teeth when i tweak it into something other and past it’s function. grrr. so today i road the currents of my blobby nose to my girl parts and finally to ooooh i need to cut a new tube because i lost the depth and form when tweaking with attempts to abstract a form that made me emotionally uncomfortable. so i sit here and pout a tad and will begin again in the morning. ok well not really pout because there is something inherently predictable in my process and going a step or two too far. 
admittedly even though posting process images to facebook, i don’t know why, i was pretty dang uncomfortable with the initial forms that held their own. back to the girl parts discussion.
tomorrow–get to work [fidget one new tube onto right cleat shelf to replace the current blah blah one and sew up at least one more ball to suspend], write thank you letter, tidy space, organize truck, then open studios. thursday, load large tube form on the flex conduit with Patrick’s help [plus one], load all art materials, clean studio, laundry, pack, pay for shop consumables….prep for friday’s meander.

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