killin, I am comfy with that, it's that dang maiming the tree weedbeasts may precure i fear

hermitage hunker down (commonly called cabin fever) is slowly relinquishing its hold as the out of door warms. the chill proves problematic when my studio is wholly structurally decloaked from the elements. 

for as long as I can remember, which isn’t long at all, mind of a steel sieve and all, I’ve a need to be outside for the bulk of my day. perhaps it began when I would whine to my mom that I was bored, to which she would kindly wishfully retort, “well you may go outdoors and play OR…i’ve a vacuum for you.”

this may explain quite a lot besides my need for the out of doors. hmmm. even when I wept the words, I dont know how to stay, it was dragged out under a treed canopy, under the blue, under the light smothered stars.

amen…not to the smothering, but that in this tick finally the day warms. sweet relief from the chill’s hermitage hunker down commonly called cabin fever.

I’ve a freshly sharpened chained blade so I go out to play. vacuum remains securely stored awaiting the next cold day. 

hmmmm, well I did drop it where I aimed it but there must be a gravity swell pushing back because I didn’t quite get it to drop to the ground. now I’ve a tad of a wedged pickle caught in limbo instead of a felled tree. hey, at least I didn’t hit the hermitage which was a primary goal.

just need to cut a smidgen more at the base of future stump to grant her full release from the magnolia’s clutches and let gravity do her trick. ropes in ready :)

STUMP THAT! depickled. secretly I had hoped the fall and clutching would take out the magnolia. not because it isn’t beautiful, it is just that it is such a light hog, a total view blocker. the whole point of felling this batch of weed trees is to open the canopy and let more light in.

felling trees and hauling, cutting and stitching tubes have a similar kill and maiming risk. healthy fear is always in order.

all this killing and maiming the local weed tree is hardest on the pup. who i have leash bound because she totally goes in to full fits of hysteria as though the chainsaw was her most feared enemy. her fear may be a tad dysfunctional. so leash bound she remains for i would also be horrified if I laid a tree down on her.

i take two for the day then the cap pops off after a chain lub fill, which is indicative of user error. so I rub the residual spilled oil on my boots and plunk down for a chica muscle, mind and back break after tree number two, my fatigue limit…hence user error on oil cap securement. i can cut more but not big ones, they require focus, a readiness and that healthy smidge of fear.


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