blah blah blah….thoughts while reading between centuries, between classes

I may in fact be learning more within the temporal and disciplinary tweenness rather than in any one course. The course content dances together oddly and reasonably creating something more fair than foul.

Griselda Pollock in Agency and the Avant Garde derives from Roland Barthe:

Writing is not a personal property or expressive medium for the creative self. It is cultural, social, historical, a field of codes and conventions in which meaning is produced through the play of its signs, within its traditions, through its connotative systems over which no one person can claim mastery. 

Yet this is seen much further back than Barthe perhaps to Augustine…the Augustine, De Muscia VI, might argue the autonomy of the man and free will and such, but still…

Whatever I make out of anything which I have seen, I make by means of memory…(and of what is not seen)..comes from mental movements arising out of other mental movements which are contained in memory. (admittedly pulled out of context)

It seems pretty straight forward that memory stores  and it is going to store all that is experiential and code based “cultural, social, historical, fields of codes and conventions…signs, within its traditions…connotative systems over which no one person can claim mastery.” Thus all making comes from an assemblage of the re-membered both at the reasoning cognitive and the direct experiential levels, as well as incorporating the undercurrent baselines established by communal living. “No man is an island.” Making is a hybridization of all that is directly and indirectly stored in memory.

Though I am still trying to wrap my brain around these notions because I am pretty sure I slept my way through my reading of Augustine and only now upon rereading am finding him of any interest.


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