Berger and Luckman folding into Butler

Language makes “more real” my objectivity not only to my conversation partner but also to myself. This capacity of language to crystallize and stabilize for me my own subjectivity…men must talk about themselves until they know themself…

Language provides me with a ready-made possibility for ongoing objectivation of my unfolding experience. – Berger + Luckman The Social Construction of Reality, (p 38-39)

* *

Giving an account thus takes a narrative form, depending not only on the ability to relay a set of sequential events with plausible transitions but also drawing upon narrative voice and authority and if is directed toward an audience with the aim of persuasion…

The narrative must establish that the self either was or was not the CAUSe of that suffering and so supply a persuasive medium through which to understand the CAUSAL AGENT…assuming RESPONSIBILITY for oneself. – Judith Butler (Judith Butler in Conversation, p 23)


Image text is drawn from Judith Butler accounting for oneself


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