oh damn my procrastination and that dastardly Pierre Bourdieu and his Fields of Cultural Production

He had me calling him a dastardly convoluted textual bastard on page five with his ten mile long sentences that fold back upon themselves and lead me to all forms of procrastinatory behaviors (it is always nice to blame someone other than oneself!). And now by page six I am stuck and sucked into figuring how to read his seven line sentences, the whole kit and caboodle, just to get to the meat! Perhaps it is the simply turns of phrases that ring with the realities of our constructed experience? Double dang!

More specifically he has seduced me into his textabation with this line:

This system of dispositions – a present past that tends to perpetuate itself into the future by reactivation in similarly structured practices, an internal law through which the law of external necessities, irreducible to immediate constraints, is constantly exerted – is the principle of the continuity and regularity which objectivism sees in social practices without being able to account for it; and also of the regulated transformations that cannot be explained either by the extrinsic, instantaneous determinisms of mechanistic sociologist or by the purely internal but equally instantaneous determination of spontaneist subjectivism.”

I am sure though his sentence structures will have me continually cursing his dastardly deviations in mind busting decomposition of habitus!

And damn him for his implications that are so fricking relevant that I can spend an hour on a single textual spread dissecting it.    



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