The conviction that painting is the right profession grows stronger and stronger in me. Writing is the only other thing I still feel attracted to. -Paul Klee

Unuseful tab-ulation

You close the text and see what had already been scratching at the back of your mind–your plethora of tab-ulating has rendered them meaningless. It merely became an act of diddling the pages, a form of self pleasuring. Sigh.0


Donald Judd, “Warhol: You have to conclude that things that shit shit, talk shit, and look like shit are shit. Or shit, talk shit, and look like shit are shit or are shit that shit, etc., or are shit that craps, talk shit, and look like shit. Or are craps that shit, talk, crap, and look like shit are shit.”

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Henry Moore: Artist’s concerns about the risks of writing

Liabilities associated with writing expressed by sculptor Henry Moore in his own writings (1937). Specifically, he suggests that writing about art and art processes will inherently shift the artist-author social identification from artist to theorist. Of course, despite this concern...
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