pedagogy [art foundations]

WEEKend 7 to do checklist

read/review/write Review/read imagine collab project sheet  Complete human comp collab write up-include image of entire set.  Prepare imagine collab proposal (elevator pitch, precise facility request, sketches)sketches, description, material, presentation, precise facility location prepared to meet one on one for...
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midWEEK 7 to do

Review/Read/wRite  Using  human comp collab crit guide to determine content, writing in paragraph form and complete sentences, self reflect on your teams project.  LIST 3 1/2 things you learned that you should consider for identity essentials  Review storyline story handout...
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WEEKend 6 to-do checklist

Read/Research/Write update VJ–due Oct 8-9 content for check up #2 surface visual journal dot or square comp–selected for [p3] mapscapes sketches--12 polished topographic + magnetic sketch studies research evidence–additional research for mapscapes. see WEEKend #4 checklist brainstorming lists—[p4] human comp...
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midWEEK 6

Read/Research/Write [VJ]  mapscape critique WRITE up (guided) review and prep KK questions for these independent projects [p5] identity essentials — crit Oct 17 + 18 [p6] imagine collab — proposal due Oct 15 + 16; crit Nov 16 Make photo...
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