Somatic Compliance and the Dream Fragment :: Deriving a Derivative from the Dora Case Study

Video installation-Jared Stanley; choreography + performance direction-Ashley Meyers; sound poetry-Evangeline Jimenez; installation-Kathy Kelley. Photos-Jared Stanley, 2016. Often outside research and collaboration provides the artist with relief from the self-cannibalization of the autobiographical processes of artmaking, or at least in the...
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objects in the mirror are closer than they appear :: first encounters with one’s own femininity

PROJECT OVERVIEW The interdisciplinary grant title called to mind the fact (or at least based on my unlimbered capacity and imaginings) that a female can only see herself, her physical sexual specificity, with some form of reflecting device. Gender understanding...
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[performative utterance] + [prostituted prop] + [performative principles] = art as research [SITE}

Robert Morris’ artistic praxis finds ground in art as research. In this vein, his substantial body of work exhibits a thoughtful exploration of the art object as performative, the viewer’s position as interventional, and the thought theme, agency, called into...
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Not once did I bore an art historian in grad school in spite of my failure to comply with typical standards! Revisiting old writings and laughing as my narrative stands still. What was I thinking? Bahahaa.

Essay excerpt written by Kathryn Kelley, 2007. Essay “like a dog gets excited about going for a walk on a leash” on Post Modern art for Dana Padgett was written in response to several questions Dana posed to the group....
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