why wallpaper (multiples)

(besides ocd)

where can i go that i don’t see row after row of stuff, even just sitting in a little restaurant this morning for breakfast…row upon row of tables, stacks upon stacks of trays, row upon row of bricks, row upon row of juices, desserts, bottles of soup…all are displayed in gridded clusters. i step outside into a parking lot of delineated parking spots filled with car after car. i drive down the street, stripe upon stripe, dot upon dot. cars as far as i can see lined at a stand still on the freeway in the early morning, massive repetition. series, multiples everywhere i go, everywhere i look. rows of stores, bigger than ever, line their interiors and exteriors with the repetitive presentation of their trinkets.

the trend over the last several decades in the arts of multiples and obsessive repetition seems a natural manifestation of our culture and an ever increasing population density (mass).

ok i haven’t fleshed this all the way out, its my first response to thinking about why the trend of multiples is so prevalent right now not just in my own work but in main stream art.

if art is a manifestation of cultural funk, well then, wallpaper art seems to be a perfect manifestation of the last couple of years.