Father’s Day

It is a good day.
I love my dad.
Am especially glad that he specifically is my dad.
He is a very good dad.
He listens carefully.
He cries with me.
He gives me hugs.
He listens some more.
He encourages me.
He helps me think positive thoughts.
He wants good things for me.
He worries about me.
He lets me help him as well.
He tells me things; i listen.
He is especially smart and helpful.
He takes very good care of my mom.
His love for her is obvious
by the way he treats her,
talks to her,
holds her hand,
cries for her,
manages her care,
includes her in decision making about her care.
He is not perfect,
but he loves my mom.
It is obvious.
And he loves me.
I love my dad.
And am glad to be alive.

And on this good day, I will go and see my dad.