i just like when they work stupid big;
their work becomes so interesting

this weekend their hw is to go beyond stupid big and work gigantor (made up word). at least it is gigantor for them (about 3′ x 5 or 6′). can’t wait to see the results.

here are some of their wonderful stupid big work (2’x 3′) from this past thursday. we worked on the floor instead of easels to discover what kind of distortions occur when working in odd positions. typically on the floor like this you’ll get some linear distortion (elongation) because of the odd translation of eye, body, to floor. [more images of students working]

way to go sarah! her best work so far.

nice job rachel!

rachel’s work has been coming out really dark using this technique and for some reason it reminds me of van gogh’s potato eaters. here is her work from earlier in the same class period.

perhaps it is the dark nature of the work and line quality. perhaps it is simply how she depicts the chair.

stephanie goes gigantor while working stupid big; perhaps foreshadowing for some really large graphic design works!

go theater majors! this is mike.

kimi, another future graphic designer, goes large.

and there is our criminal justice major, keely.

and kim!

aerli, one of our interior design majors!

caitlin, interior design.

thomas, our photography major.

melissa, another graphic designer.

melissa in boots!

kp drawin’ large. yea!

jeremy going big.

ethan sprawled about.

mysterious edwin.

david doing the drawing.

can’t wait to see their gigantor results on tuesday!


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