How do I de-construct another?

“when we are prejudice against another, we can reduce the other to something non-human. If we truly saw each other as human beings all created in God’s image, it would be hard to be so destructive toward each other.” -Marsha Mirkin, PHD

Who do I dehumanize? Who do I destruct? Who do I de-construct? And as I open my eyes to my actions, will I be too ashamed to change? Too angry to change? Or will I hope enough in light and goodness to change and value?

Will I begin changing my actions to humanize and honor another as being of value and infinite worth?

Will I harden myself, ploughing on, and solidify my rationale?

What are the ramifications to the other, to those who stand in proximity, to myself, to the trickel into the present, into the future?

Will I construct and build?
Will I de-construct and destroy?