Day 3

leaving knoxville

petro stop

OMG I have numb butt! Aaaaggh I am at about 1,000 miles, several tanks of gas, drop dead scenery, interesting changes from state to state. For instance, in Virginia along hwy 81, they have signs that speed limit is strictly enforced and they back it up with both marked and unmarked cars (all chevys). In the rest stop, the mirrors asked the question via a sticker, “will you be another Virginia traffic fatality?” So guess what, people go speed limit on the interstate. Well they did speed in sections where the shoulder would make it extremely dangerous for cops to pull anyone over…hmmm. On the other hand in the flatlands of Arkansas the flow was 80 to 85 mph, Tennessee was 80, Louisiana varied based on road condition. The differences and samenesses along the byways are fascinating to observe.

Oh yeah unlike Texas with our mile markers, Virginia marks every tenth.

Lunch break at Lew’s pizzeria and sandwich shop in Hollins,VA.


And weird thoughts along the way. Look closely

I know they most likely mean well, but I can’t image the Jesus I know would be good with fifty foot crosses. I mean I read his stories and these seem so contrary to the way he lived. He was all about people, intimacy, community, and healing ways of life. As a matter of fact the only times he seemed to get pissed was in terms of religious people and some of the stupid systems we set up and our arrogance in thinking we know better and our attempts to MAKE others get in line. I just don’t get fifty foot crosses and the billboards. Though my favorite billboard is on the westside of Houston. Big picture of something heavanly (?) on the left and flames on the right. With the phrase “heaven or hell?” laid atop the images and they put the church phone number directly under the image of the flaming hell! Ha! Who in their right mind would call that number.

Other random road trip ponders by the flow to come.