Day 18 — need more tension

Equals lowes/home depot run to new london to get more clamps and cabling

Looks kind of small cause of distance, but see genie s-40 man toy in background for sense of scale

I would like to maintain the sense of floating. When I paint cables black, they literally disappear.

New route via google maps–a dirt road. I though for sure I had taken a wrong turn when I lost my phone service. But I finely popped out at the right spot. Such a pretty drive. I could so live here. Well the commute to SAM would be a bit rough. Come on captain Kirk! When are we going to get teleporters–we’ve got the doors that slide open when we approach and the tricorders.  I want the food moleculizer and the teleporter.

I am out of any truly deep or healthy thoughts.


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  1. Anonymous

    Then rest. And get back to it. A week. You have a lot of work to do and it will be really cool. Really cool.