Day 21 — aaah a kazillion feet of number 9

Just makes the mind race with possibilities. Ok well maybe not race but definitely ooo-la-la. Number 9 is a new discovery this month and boy will it make my hands tough!

And freshly bloomed today between my morning down at the pond and return. It seems a different strains bloom each day. Even the birds change. When I first got here there were robins out the wazoo. I rarely see them now but in their place are an assortment of much more petite birds–vivid yellow, I am looking at one now that is a soft brown with some muted red around its eyes and a dark crew top dew on top. All interesting.

My time at the pond never gets old. It also varies from day to day. As today, though the sun was out in fullness this morning there was a nip of chill and no morning kiss of warmth as there was yesterday. But beautiful as always. Wonder what it all looks like blanketed with snow–perhaps magical in a totally different way.

No Diana, the picture is right side up. :) That sky is but a mirror reflection in the still quiet waters.

I think i like me skewed view because it moves the image away from landscape and toward abstraction…in that unique place between the poles of representational and abstraction I find I notice more deeply the things of nature I might normally passby in my routine rightside up world. I see what is really there instead of seeing what I assume.