artificial constructs.

others’ false constructs built about another person as a coping mechanism are so startling; these defense mechanisms used to try to hold one’s own image of the self together seem so incredibly human though. most these mechanisms were learned in early childhood and they are repeated in adulthood even when ineffectual and damaging. I actually haven’t met anyone, whom i have spent time with, that does not do this to varying degrees. I see it so clearly in others. i know if they do it, i cannot be immune. i try to locate within myself and disassemble my own constructs; i know this is not fully possible for anyone, but can be done to some extent if one is willing to honestly look within, setting pride and wounds aside, and examining their own history. as i work to see how i might be doing this, i try to forgive others of the false or exaggerated constructs they have built about me in order to hold themselves together and justify/rationalize their own actions and inactions. Both are hard work. aaaggh.