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First generation feminist art (the waves before and after) Lecture 
Homework assigned (10/29)
Due Wednesday (11/3)

This assignment will make more sense after tomorrow’s lecture.

Shoot: a series of a body, body part or a metaphor for a body part (my preference over naked gentile—ie Georgia O’Keefe and her flowers) photos considering one item below as the source idea…
Identity essentials
– the body as “container” (as form, but also in the abstract: the soul, thoughts, desires…)
– the body as landscape
– the body as site of conflict, debate, legal issue
– the essence of gender
– the body as spirit
– graphic elements as pattern/decoration, nature, text, graphiti
– role of age, history, time ( i.e. wrinkles, patina, traces of experience)
– the body as a site of loss and remembrance or associated with the passing of individual or cultural histories.

Post images to web (5), title post identity essentials, for the set indicate which ONE item you were considering when shooting the images. Include a short statement about your approach and why you chose the specific area of focus.

Print out one image (BW) enlarge to 11×17 or larger. Enlarge the photo