MONDAY, MAY 9 – Installation and housekeeping

9:30 am divide into install groups; install exhibition [leaving room for TTH WASHers]. You should have received an email requesting specific works and we have some we’ve held onto for exhibition. Please bring projects and materials to install works.

Dot cubed (newpaper 3D collage)
Human comps
Storyline (stories)
Markmaking storyline
Big idea
Larger than life cardboard (will be modeled fashionshow runway like at 6:30)
Cardboard spheres
Modular madness
Monologue/Uncomfortable videos with laptops and headphones
Life or something like it (metaphor)
Life map
Big idea

Send out email/evites/facebook etc invitations to exhibition


1:30 pm Peer crit write up. You will positively critique each member of your table group [ONLY POSITIVE] plus three other WASHers of your choosing, anonymously. These will be submitted to me. I will type them up (with NO authors’ names) and you will receive yours on Wednesday ~ 7pm. Your critique should give specific examples or experiences to support your statement. They may range from being about your peer’s work, process, participation at table, personal experiences, about personality, attitudes, etc. They should be very specific. No using words like cool, sweet, awesome, etc…these are vague and actually somewhat meaningless. 

2:00 pm Exhibition discussion

Confirm all works are labeled with artist/designer/animator’s name and project

WEDNESDAY, MAY 11 – WASH House Exhibition

4:45 pm All laptops should be setup with headphones (bring cables)
5:00 pm All WASHers in the WASH House greeting guests, explaining projects, etc
6:15 pm Selected artists will put on their cardboard outfits
6:20 pm Cardboard fashion show runway style
6:45 pm Any works that have a performative element will be executed
7:00 pm Pick up morgue, personal crit, any work that can simply be taken off the wall

THURSDAY, MAY 12 – Deinstall and remove all work

 8:30 am – 2:00 pm