watch it happen with humans

when the woodpecker arrives clutching and swaying the entire feeder and dangling from the underneath side, all the other species that alight gently, fly off. pecking order? well they are bigger and appear, though balanced, clumsy in their landing, but I witnessed no bullying. bullying seems more indicative of other species and, well of course, humans. bullying or bulldozing seems a function of fear not strength. like the smaller birds, i think there is wisdom in avoiding standing in the path of bulldozing. smart birds return quickly to the feeder and humans to the path. flitting aside is neither weak nor strong, just a cautious weariness (redundant but I like the words together).

and i must not be a woodpecker because as i sit here under the pine trees on their litter, i see for deer gracing and pulling leaves from trees; they’ve seen but ignore as i am not much of a threat. well except the one male yearling is running back and forth snorting, but i can’t tell if he’s showing of for the 3 females or actually feels threatened. i think strutting. the cat 15 feet behind me, was surprised to see me and unsure, but then i am not much of a cat person so i don’t send out come hither kitty vibes. i like dogs!

and i watched the beaver last night and concluded, i am not a beaver and i certainly hope i never cut my arm off with a miter saw. oh my. but i did cry throughout the movie, hadn’t expected a tear-jerker; i even cried with the whale music video that was prelim to the movie…i though for sure it was going to be an add for pharmaceuticals so i was really relieved when it wasn’t.

so i am not woodpecker, cat, bulldozer, beaver. i may be a bit whale. for now i am ok with that…


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