I spent almost a grand on a cell signal antenna and amplifier which worked for a day. RETURN TO SENDER Mr “wireless solutions.” bypass one. undisclosed cursing at wireless solutions.

bypass two. I am currently surfing my smartphone from inside the parabolic form of my wine glass which just happens to boost my signal by two or three bars depending on the temperature outdoors from an E signal to a 3G. kind of silly awesomeness.

bypass three. a late evening stroll watching the numerous deer pods, snapping this pic, and recollecting seeing a few pods crash through the residual high waters today. it reminded me of when my dog used to run through the full drainage ditch skimming its surface with open mouth like a feeding pelican. topped off by a grin at the memory of the nine or ten goats I literally saw walking around up in a tree this morning. REALLY. ok it was a huge old oak and it’s low humongous limbs did happen to run parallel to the ground, but hey they still were at least six feet off the ground. it was a wondrously odd sight.

bypass four. shutting brain off for evening with a little snippet of the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and eating a bowl of fruit chased by a bigger bowl of pop corn that I am about to nuke.